Boris "Boomstick" Broadbelly

Street Samurai


Boris is heavily scarred from past battles. His large nose rests upon long, black, braided facial hair. His head is topped with a short black Mohawk.
He likes it when things go boom. He mostly enjoys big booms that litter the surrounding area with blood and body parts. He makes sadistic jokes and laughs at people who are in pain. He feels no remorse for any of his actions and finds the best way to go about doing a job is to destroy everything in his path, no matter the cost. As his parents used to say, “Friends who get in the way of your weapons, are not going to be your friends for very long.”


Boris was raised in a Russian-American home, and was not educated like he should have been. He was abused, leading him to have trust issues later on in life. Due to his lack of education, he fears being ridiculed for being stupid and will inflict pain onto any that oppose him.

Boris "Boomstick" Broadbelly

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